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What is an independent insurance agent?

As independent insurance agents, we write many policies for multiple carriers. This gives us the opportunity to choose the best policy between different carriers, ensuring you the best coverage for the best price. We can compare coverages and find the right combination of products, prices, and services. We work for you, not the insurance carriers. We are your advocate. Because we are a family-based insurance agency, it is our number one priority to provide you the best possible services and products

Independent insurance agents can take the mystery out of insurance coverage and provide benefits you can’t get online like knowledge and experience, expert advice and counseling, personal service, etc. With independent insurance advisors, you can discover ways to prevent or reduce losses with tips and advice on everything from basic home maintenance to protecting identity. If there is a loss, we can guide you through every step of reporting, settling your claim, and repairing damages, ensuring you receive a prompt and fair settlement. And the best part is, there is no extra fee to your premium. The number you get on your premium is the bottom line. You won’t pay a penny more!


Why should I waste my money on insurance? I won’t even need it!

We know insurance can be confusing. We are here to help you get the best coverage, even if you don’t know what the best coverage is for you. Insurance is just a protection plan; a way of managing risks. It protects an individual or company from the effects of financial loss caused by events like fires, floods, or accidents. Insurance removes uncertainty by transferring the unknown financial consequences of a loss to someone else.  Insurance carriers take a calculated risk to cover any damages or losses that come to you in exchange for a small sum of money called a premium. You are transferring the cost of the potential loss to the insurance company.  They are hoping that you don’t have any event in your life that requires a claim, just like you are, but they are there if something happens.

You Need Insurance If…

If you own a home because mortgage companies need to know that your home is protected in the event of a covered loss. If you drive a vehicle because few people can afford the repairs and the extras that are associated with collisions and injuries without coverage. If you want to maintain your current standard of living in the event that you become disabled or have a critical illness. Health insurance can cover costs like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, and other health-related items. Life insurance provides for your family if there is a death or terminal illness. If you run a small business or family farm. Travel insurance can allow you to take vacations without worrying about flight cancellations or other potential issues. Insurance protects you from the unexpected and from financial devastation.

 Are independent insurance agencies the only choice I have for insurance?

While independent insurance agents are not your only option for buying insurance, we offer more flexibility in providing for your needs. You can also buy insurance with captive agents or online. Captive agents work for one specific insurance carrier, so they only have access to policies with that specific carrier. While you can go speak with an agent in person, you don’t have as many choices and won’t necessarily get the best quality policy for the best price. By using an online source or a 1-800 number, it will be the quickest, but it is automated, so you won’t be communicating with a person. This means that there is a high likelihood that you won’t get full coverage and it will probably be very expensive. The great thing about independent insurance agents is that we are here, in person, to help and talk out your insurance needs. We also have many options, so we can give the best quality. We know the flows of prices in the marketplace and can offer a company that is the strongest combination of price and quality. We can give you a choice. In truth, no one can really say they have the best price because prices don’t always stay the same. They fluctuate. If you don’t like your policy after a while, you have the choice to keep your agent and personal relationship with someone who knows you and knows your needs, while also being able to switch your policies over to a different company.

If something happens and you must make a claim, captive agents and online insurance sources will not be there to help you make a claim. Independent advisors have the knowledge to help you before, during, and after claims. We are the mediator to help you when a claim is being made.

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